Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mathis, U.S.A via France

Submitted by Claire: "This is Mathis. He is a french exchange student staying at my house and he is GORGEOUS. Unfortunately he has a gorgeous girlfriend back in France :( . But that doesn't mean I can't try to hit on him, right? In French of course."

Ya he's really cyut. You know who he kind of looks like? EVERY OTHER MALE IN FRANCE. Seriously. When you move here you almost have a heart attack but after a few months you get a little "oh...another 6'2 stylish square-jawed man with swooping bangs more lush and luxurious than mine will ever be...shmeh...where can I find a sandich (sic) around here?".

I think that's why French girls have the reputation for being hot\playing it cool, it's because all the tourists come over in their stylish teevas and mini-backpacks, and all they can see for miles are these ladies with ratty hair and smoker's wrinkles rolling their eyes at their hot boyfriends. It's called supply and demand. (I took economics in high school)