Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Natan, Israel

Submitted by G: "I think its illegal for me to love him because i dont think he can grow facial hair yet. he also gives me a creepy pedophile type smile, but i'm the actual pedophile"

This reminds me of the time I did it with an Israeli soldier. I briefly felt morally weird about it. But it was while I was travelling which is like international waters a.k.a. it doesn't count a.k.a. that's why all the South Americans thinks the gringas are sluts (and how!)

And...not like I would ever give up my skinny art boyfriends who make me feel like a giant wobbling monster who should be doing coke\heroin more often to stay in shape...but its nice once in a while when someone can lift you like you are a skinny feather!!! (not a fat feather...a skinny one).

p.s. this guy is really babe am I right?


Keith said...

Wow. Look at how he's posing in that second pic. Is this from some sort of Hot Boys of Zion calender?

the grapist said...

i'm telling you, white arabs baby. give it to me.

Christine! said...

He is sooooo babe!
This is one of my top cute boys. I feel nervous just looking at a picture of him, i can't imagine actually knowing him!

Sharla said...

meowww [sticks butt in air]
hes a cyutee

grey said...

hawwwtt~ i like

Julia said...


Ashley said...

I'd get shot at LEAST in the shoulder if it meant I got to meet this stud. Shot with what, I don't know - but I'm so in.

moesha said...

i want that

erilii said...

i give him two thumbs up!

aimee said...

maaaaaaaan update more often!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He looks too young on the first photo...but, quite yummy on the second one!

Your Conscience said...

he is hot

Anonymous said...

twelve comments!!!!

Valerie said...

he's adorable

m-gox said...

Wow, this guy has sooo many comments, so many more than your other cuties. Sort of sad, 'cause he's so conventionally good-looking. You might as well start posting CK model photo shoots.

ellen frances said...

so babe.

Kaaatie said...

i'm in love

Laura said...

Just wanted to leave you another comment. Plus boys who shoot guns are hot. ?

MULANNE said...

what a cutie!! :)

darling, said...

ok, forget him (yes he is lovely). i think i love you. i wish i could let you borrow my skinny boyfriend, compare thighs with you and then let you see what i'm dealing with.

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