Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Picture FAIL: Bono, Fes

I was trying to get a picture of some cyut teens in the background but these fat fucking Irish tourists kept getting in the way.


Nightjar Books said...

bono looks grade A douche in this picture. as per usual.

Dee said...

my friend was like: "hey, U2 is coming to our city in october! we better get tickets now."
I still haven't replied, and don't plan to dignify that proposition with a response

Sue said...


runnerstorunway.com said...

im such a loser, i was like, that guy looks a lot like bono. now i get it.

m-gox said...

Did you see the Rolling Stone cover with them on? Bono looks awful, he has really weird makeup that looks like he has a black eye. I saw this at the supermarket the other day, and I'm not sure how current the issues are here, so maybe this is a pretty old one...

Cleo said...

It's freaking U2!!!
Lol, it was so funny when you said "these fat fucking irish tourists" XD

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