Friday, April 24, 2009

Sporty\Intellectual\Classy, Paris

When I moved to Paris I remember how confused I was by everyone's clothes. Their idea of what goes together is not wrong it's just has a completely different logic than mine. Though I am trying to make the link, this picture is actually a poor example of what I am talking about.

But now I'm used to it and I'm kind of scared of going back to Canada\moving to another country one day because people just won't get my velvet jackets, bohemian batik elephant pants, uni-dread, scarf, headscarf and adidas running shoes melange. Melange is French for mix. I forgot English, that's how euro I am now.

P.S. that is my second reference to uni-dreads in less than a week. What could it all mean? I think it either means that

a) uni-dread represents everything I want to make fun of ever
b) I am secretly ashamed of having once coveted others' uni dreads. Mind you that was when I was in South America and 80-95% of the people I met had uni-dreads\wanted uni-dreads\listened to Manu Chao\had Manu Chao only sing-alongs. One time I tried to make one (a dread not a sing-along) by tying dirty elastics around a strand of hair but after a month all I had was a really greasy strand of hair.


50two said...

i think you're supposed to rub the hair in salt water.. or something like that. no idea. but that scarf and adidas combination is quite strange. its like doing a sport that doesn't require getting warm. like chess. is that even a sport?

m-gox said...

so what exactly IS a unidread? Is it all your hair caught up into one single dread-lock, or is it normal hair, and there is one normal-sized dread in it. Like when you have one small braid among straight non-braided hair?

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

the latter. The former is called a beavertail or a beaver dread (selon moi)