Thursday, April 30, 2009

WHO IS THE PERFECT MAN?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!

I was talking to a friend of mine and she was saying that her preferred type is skinny, nerdy, arty guys with glasses...or else "big beefy Morrocan men". I judged her for a second until I remembered that I am exactly the same way except replace Morrocan with Latino because Latinos are more likely to think I'm cool just because I'm from North America.


Can we start a joke band out of homemade instruments that will become an indie sensation?

R U 2 skinny to enact a convincing rape fantasy?

Are you willing to listen to reggaeton ironically while I listen to it seriously?

Can we have an open relationship where we both have sex with other men????

Do you secretly want permission to stop smoking weed on the corner with your friends and instead make cupcakes in the shape of animals and turn our bedroom into a big cardboard spaceship that we can have art parties in?

Are U the perfect man?????????? Or will U cheat on me cause there are skinnier girls who are better at art who also want the perfect man?!?!?!?!?!??!??


sue said...

lol @ convincing rape fantasy

unfortunate names said...

get those Japanesse to make a robot dude!

angielo said...

Confession: I too, am attracted to skinny, nerdy, glasses-wearing guys while in the next moment oogling the beefy UPS delivery guy. Where does that leave average Joe's?

Anonymous said...

First guy droolable.
Man in the minnie mouse ears? have-my-baby hot.
No, just kidding.
If I weren't already sleeping with a similar cute boy, I would want to fornicate with the first guy.

Leo said... name is Leo. Just wanted to step in an say Hi. I'm the perfect man. I know because my mother told me so. I am skinny and macho, look like a bad boy but act like a nice guy. If I had your address, I'd send you a cupcake.

Just wanted to let you know that we're out there. Be calm, dress nice. We'll find you.

emma said...

the last one is so perfect i would totally forgive him 4 leaving me as long as we got some quality time making sexual pots from clay together first a la the movie ghost. I am never eating again.

Anonymous said...

The last 2 are DO-able!
...The first guy is too gangsta, 2nd guy is maybe gay? the 3rd guy is too nerdy, and #4 has me thinking tranny!

Julia said...

i know this song/video is what the youth would call "old meme," but i thought there was a fair amount of varied cuteness in this video. it also involves "boys who are the world."

M-gox said...

So, for the beefy side, do you just mean physically, like not skinny, or do you mean beefy personality too, like, they expect you to cook for them and are afraid of homosexuality? For the arty side, is being intelligent, sensitive and interested in art enough, or do you have to be obsessive about it to qualify? Just curious to know what counts. Is it just decent body + artsy interests, or do they have to be extreme on each end at the same time?

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

ya extreme on both ends at same time...EXACTLY!

Christine! said...

i absolutely love the comment about listening to reggaeton ironically while I listen to it seriously!!!
that is one of my secret fears about dating boys like that one!

m-gox said...

Really? So it's not that you want the best of both put into one. You want both skinny + muscles and cool + lunkhead. All at the same time. You actually like the skinny and the lunkhead aspects? Sounds like you'd need a transformer robot or something.

me, I like a manly nerd, for sure, but I've never found skinniness itself to be a turn-on. Nor dimness of brain...

ps. Is leo a joke or a jerk? Be calm, dress nice??? gah!

Chelsea said...

My first comment here, ever! Haha. I scanned my FB (read: Facebook) friends and actually thought of send their pictures. If only, they wouldn't kill me if they find out. :)) Or if I ever contained the fact that I did send theirs if ever.

Anyway going back to the post, I so love the guy with the vest. He reminds me awfully a lot about the guy from All-American Rejects pre-manorexic phase. Lovelove! :)

kira said...

not only is this a brilliant post, but i hope you don't mind, i wanted everyone who reads my tumblr to know just how brilliant it is, so i plagiarized/pasted/gave you mad propz and linkz action. love yer blog. love this post.


Tina said...

Lol @rape fantasy & yeah liking nerdy guys 1min & the next we're checking out the macho guys, think it's cos their qualities balance out in different ways ahaha! I thought leo's comment was funny and nice

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Air Purifiers said...

Like the guy in pics 3..don't like the way he's wearing his vest. Would've been much cuter sans vest...and maybe sans a little trim off the top, too!

Rug Cleaning Los Angeles said...

Perfect man isn't afraid of commitment, doesn't have facial hair, doesn't wear glasses- he wears contacts (if I have to, he has to!), has a luscious head of hair on his head and limited to NO hair on his chest and stomach...the guy I'm dating is the opposite of all that I just said. Figures.

sadie said...

the last one's nice...

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