Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hey woah it has already been one year of blog! Actually two days ago it was...Maybe I will start counting my life in internet years, which are like dog years because 1) they are shorter due to internet making hours (life?) pass by in minutes and 2) there are a lot of dogs on the internet these days am I right?

The following is a summary of the interyear. I am going to write the list like a French person would for the first few then I will get bored of that joke and just write normal:

-8 contry go to...9 if contry Basque is contry...12 if Franch count for 4 contry because of glorious

-5 indie famous people meeting (real life)

- 5 other indie famoos people meeting (internet life)

-100 times making the same joke

-1 time meeting skinniest and beardiest boy of them all
-10 times forgetting how many people I've done it with (you must write this down friends!!!!!!!!! It will make you feel more organized\less slutty somehow...

-20 times getting hit on (if you take pictures of boys this will happen to you too!)

-1 having weird crisis about if internet crushes on pictures is cheating

-1 ultimately decided it isn't

-1 weird teen stalker

-1 angry teen low self-esteem email (sorry teen! Please love yourself!)

-200 pounds lost making my plus size "lush and lovely" (like an English garden!)

-250 pounds regained making my plus size "sassy saucisson" (saucisson is French for sexy)

-4 copycat blogs that are more famous than me

-1 bitterness

-1 getting over French dudes

-60 pages of hit book written + 5 introductions + 20 page list\appendix

-The internet: priceless
-Internet fame: worthless...I mean...priceless
-My 300 boyfriends: priceless...unless you are offering me a really good price...I'M NOT MADE OF STONE


leila wylie said...

Congrats! I love your blog so much. Aren't you going to post any hot Mexicans (a.k.a. Sexicans) in honor of Cinco de Mayo?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations so much! I love you and your cutest boys ever!

Jessica said...

Congratulations on your first interyear! Your blog is best on the whole interweb.

wifeE said...

MORE cyut boys please. I can't wait for what the next year will bring. may i request: 20 more south americans (preferably colombianos and argentinos!); 5 more party-boy pics and 1 Haldon ; )

m-gox said...

Aww, congratulations! Good blog. My favourite, and I think I've posted this already, is when you have non-standardly cute boys and you explain why they qualify for cuteness. I believe my favourite post, though, is Fabio, the Parisian who looks like a Colombian.

m-gox said...

Oh, and I have a question for you, after 1 year, what is YOUR favourite cute boy, excluding those that are your boyfriend, friends or family?

S.Elisabeth said...

Congrats on your first year! Just stumbled upon this blog and it made me laugh. Very Bridget Jone's Diary. I love the whole concept.

Y&E said...

You're zee best! But I also have a request, its a tough one, more Asian dudes, like the guy from Lagaan, or Mongolian guys like the hot scruffy nomad in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (you can kidnap me any day baby). I think its time for the non Asian world to discover the beauty that is the Asian Man (ok, some Asian men)

Anonymous said...

A little request to post slightly older men who still act like boys and make fun of their moustaches instead of taking them seriously.

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