Friday, May 8, 2009

Band Pictures, California

Submitted by Tatiana: "The guys from (this band) are the cutest of the cute. I met them when they played two shows here in L.A. They are super nice."

I like these pictures because all three band members have freakishly symmetrical faces.

I dont like them because I should know what a band is all about by looking at their pictures, so that I can talk about them without having to listen to their music. Are they zany? Does their band use keyboards? Then why do these pictures look so country club? Is it because they are boring rich dudes who make rock? Then why do they have balloons instead of ivory backscratchers? Bored now.

Also I feel like the middle one especially has been given a makeover against his will.

These are like those WTF "Metronomy by Karl Lagerfield" ads. Has anyone seen those?? That's exactly what is happening here...which can be summed up as a lack of keeping it real.

Or: when keeping it real goes wrong.


Dee said...


i think the middle one has a magnificent jaw line :p

that is me licking his jaw line hahaha

leila wylie said...

Given a makeover against his will, hahaha. He's secretly fighting back tears because they confiscated his ironic wolf howling at the moon with Native Americans t-shirt. Dudes in bands are the fucking worst. I keep giving them chances to prove me wrong but all I end up with is an empty fridge, pubes on my toilet seat, and pillows covered in hair grease.

Christine! said...

"ironic wolf howling at the moon with Native Americans t-shirt"

I have a t-shirt that fits that exact description. Maybe I need to be forced into a makeover that I hate.

Anonymous said...

at least they got a girl in their band. although, she's probably the cutest member, therefore, I'm not interested.

Ashford said...

still cuties

Anonymous said...

they're trying way too hard to be quirky and cute

Anonymous said...

They are truly genuine.

The middle one (Kurt) hasn't been given a make over against his will....maybe the picture was though.