Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beardo, Italia

Submitted by Kerry: "Last summer i went on a trip to Europe with AMA (American Music Abroad). We went to Austria, Germany, and friends and i decided that we were going to take ninja shots of all the hot guys so that we could bring them home so all of our friends would be jealous of us."

You know what is good about beardos? Beards hide weak chins and other facial problems. They also allow you to imagine that any hotness you want lurks behind them. Kind of how someone's only speaking italian allows you to imagine any hot personality you want. Unless they're wearing Billabong shirts? Yes even. I am being lenient with my criticism because:

a) europe =weird in the clothes\misunderstanding of the connotations of American brands
b) this was taken last year...and though billabong shirts weren't cool last year either...there was a time in the past where I wore an all camouflage outfit (with camouflage accessories!) so one must be forgiving of past mistakes.


Julia said...

he looks like he's wearing a prosthetic nose.

Anonymous said...

Billabong is an Australian brand.

cuteboysmakemenervous said...