Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boyband, Singapore

Submitted by Peiwen: "They do make other girls/guys nervous but not me after knowing them since I was 9. Hope you like it =) p.s: Just hope they don't kill me "

You know when you're walking through chinatown\polishtown and you hear pop music and think "Haha other countries have famous people that are different than our famous people. Funny!" Yes. Funny. But in the end, friends, their pop stars are not so different from ours:

(From left)

-Nelson: The nice\young\mormon\buddhist one,
-Bin: The bad-ass\military\torturey one
-Nick: The joker\'funny' ;) one
-Andris: The hunk\solo career one.

Pop star names too am I right?


Christine! said...

Names that are not boy band names: Nelson.

no offense Nelson!

nashira said...

uh are these guys popular? They don't even look vaguely familiar and i am from singapore.... and the girl who submitted this pic has the same name as a girl who sudies in my class...:0