Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crazy News! That Once Explained is No Longer Crazy!

I just moved to a neighbourhood where everyone is thinner than me. In Paris each area is numbered from 1-20 and I live in area 2 which means I have to be a size 2 (it's actually a law).

In my lobby there are some offices where skinny ladies type all day on macbooks looking surly and they had a sign up today for a modeling audition and it made me want to BARF ALL OVER THE UNIVERSE.

But when I got home today it was a MALE MODEL CASTING! Yay!!!! A momentarily pleasant surprise!!!!

The picture was taken from my window. What you see is: the window across from mine and one floor below, a blue tarpolin, a male model with a charming tribal tattoo (he seems like a real renegade...if they need models for a tilly hat or teeva campaign he's a shoo in!)

Anyways, I took this puh-thetic picture instead of real ones because

a) I'm scared of the women at the modeling agency
b) I felt it would generally be socially unacceptable and result in some really awkward situation for everyone especially me
c) Male models...shmeh...not cute. I gave some directions in the lobby and they were smirking the whole "oooh look at me you probably think I'm hot" no I think you're Russian and look like you listen to Mumiy Troll. Lame. Next!