Friday, June 26, 2009

Harlequin Romance\Porn but Real, Upstate NY

Submitted by Jody: "So I'm getting ready to eat some lunch, when those two yummy goodnesses show up to pave my neighbors driveway. They can pave my driveway ANY day!Unfortunatly I didn't talk to them since that would be VERY awkward, so all I have are some stalk shots of them"

But instead of having her lunch Jody decided it was high time she re-organized her sensual funk music collection by key instead of alphabetical which required her turn the music up really loud. Meanwhile the paving men realized they hadn't brought their paving tools and thought it might be a good idea to ring on Jody's door to borrow her paving tools...but boy was it hot in there. So obvies everyone immediately took off all their clothes to 'cool off' as the man holding the chainsaw in such a way as to show off his muscles casually put it...Then

[edited out for majority tween readership]

Afterwards they all had lemonade and hot dogs. Which they pronounced "hat dags".