Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Manny, Puerto Rico

Submitted by Linda: "This is my boyfriend Manny. He's puerto rican and really nice to look at. ps: I still get nervous every time I see him."

I heart Puerto Ricans 4 ev-r!!!!!!!!!! They who brought us Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, Calle 13 and so many more top reggaeton acts! I would kill to be at one of their gang-gun-cocaine-high heels-jacuzzi-80s status symbol parties that they have after their concerts I bet.

And by kill "to" I mean kill "myself" because I would be so disoriented and suddenly self aware of my whiteness that I would overcompensate by attempting sexy dancing that my poor pasty legs were not strong enough for. Then later be the only one eating the free shrimp and eat too much of it after having made myself a pariah with comments like "Do you sell drugs! Neat!" or "'me gusta la gasolina' (while making air quotes)...lols... right guys?"

Then I would swim and get cramps in both my legs and stomach and drown.

:( Feeling pretty sad about that imaginary situation. Gonna go dance in front of the mirror\have imaginary witty multicultural conversations with myself to train for the future.


angielo said...

"me gusta la gasolina" lol i love that song!

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Anonymous said...

i love wisn y yandi

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