Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nazi Ken with Ricecake, Berlin

I went to Berlin and I got this Ken doll. I think his ricecake prop is a pretty good clue as to why I didn't take any pictures there, aka I was feeling too fat to engage with humanity. But anyways, there is a more pressing issue at hand: the eagle tattoo on this young Aryan gentleman's chest (it is part of the design it wasn't added on after!)

I could probably go check this on Wikipedia, but I prefer to speculate: isn't the eagle a Nazi symbol? Can someone educate me about this? Am I bein' ignant? I hope not because it was my secret dream to find something nazi-related in Germany, not because I like nazis, but because...it's lol. Ok? You can't deny the loliness of a nazi Ken!!!!!!!!!!

*Update: I just checked on Wikipedia and there is a eagle-like symbol holding a swastika but it doesn't really look like this one. Buuuut I'm going to maintain that this is a nazi Ken and not just a "rock 'n roll" Ken.