Thursday, June 4, 2009

Outtakes, Le World (I'm French now)

You know how singers make greatest hits albums because they run out of new songs or because they get dead? Or how movies put outtakes at the end cause they run out of movie? This is like that...I don't feel like taking pictures because I have been feeling fat + hating Paris\all its inhabitants minus maybe one (me) lately...This is because I am middle-class thus always feel I should be the emperor of the world and cannot handle reality...and also because I have a case of the s'posdas.

So I here I have put lots of pictures where keeping it real went wrong from happier days and hopefully I will be feeling hopeful again soon\refall in love with the Parisian electro pompadour\move to another city soon\stop wasting my youth.

From top: famous person, teen wolf, cheese hunks, man on queen w, tough guy (thinks he's such a tough guy)