Sunday, June 14, 2009

Steven the T.A

Submitted by Sau-Wai: "Introducing Steven who was my 2nd year organic chemistry TA!! So cute I had to ask him out (a big no-no) but we are still together 2.5 years later!! Sadly, he still makes me nervous!!"

Ya he's making me nervous too with them crazy eyes. I find this Steven is the most attractive when I imagine him as being part of some zany London band that uses lots of keyboards and drugs. Otherwise he is a little bit too "organic chemistry" if you know what I am saying. But I am well aware of how TA-ness automatically doubles hotness points.

In fact I had a similiar experience. It was in 2004 I remember it well because we were having a party for the American elections and to celebrate the imminent dethroning of the mentally disabled community's most successful member. The party was called "Bush: get off the map stay in my lap" and the invitations featured beautiful drawing of a woman's open legs (copied from an issue of 70s Playboy) but instead of a vagina there was Bush's face (copied from the economist with Napoleon Dynamite-like precision) and instead of regular hair he had pubic-hair hair. Hilarious. I think I still have a copy in a box somewhere. Or else my grandma has it in a frame.

Anyways, during our Anthropology of Pop Culture seminar we had a very "hip" balding guest-speaker who had "gone undercover" with "ravers" and written his PhD about their secret society. It was all very "uncool" but there was something about someone talking into a microphone in front of a group of five hundred people that made him seem so...bold...and...powerful.

So at the break we presented both him and our mid-50s eastern european (dream boat) professor with the pornographic invitations. After the class in the lobby we went up to the men again and tried to be casual and be all "heyyy whooo so are you gahys coming to that partaaay" and the guest speaker took me aside, held me by the side of the arm and said "we have wives" in a really assholey condescending way. Which was embarrassing for a second but in retrospect, eww...didn't want to sleep with you...just wanted you to come to my party to validate my existence. puh.