Friday, July 10, 2009

Anthony, Brisbane

Submitted by Francesca: "This is anthony, he is filipino/australian, born in canberra grew up in both the philippines + australia- best of both worlds ;p. architectural student" use in stating the obvious about this one unless you are someone who watches movies and says stuff like "he's the bad guy!" when someone with big bushy evil eyebrows pulls out a gun and points it at the hero, or else eats ice cream and says "this is sweet and cold!" that a Jesus tattoo? Filipino people are pretty religious no? I base this on one incident in high school where I went to dinner at a Filipino friend's house. Before dinner we had to all hold hands and sing a song about Jesus. It was really uncomfortable for me. Not cause I have anything against Jesus. But cause I didn't know the words and tried to mumble sing so they wouldn't know I was a heathen. (They knew).