Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sowwy Canada

This is my friend Keith from Canada. He's looking blue and blurry--not just because I didn't know how to use my camera yet when I took it--but because he's blue in his heart and blurry in his soul about me forgetting Canada day.

It was July 1st but you probably all know that already. Amiwrong?

Does this mean I'm not Canadian anymore? Have I crossed over to the dark world of expat-hood...a life of parties with people who have nothing in common, desperate clinging to anyone who speaks the same language as you and always feeling a bit nervous about making purchases (e.g. a can of coke from the convenience store)?

Sigh. Hope not. Getting fat over here. And not in a good way. Oh wait...there is no good way! H8 U world. Why isn't the world opposite world!!!!!!!!!! (-being from a rich country)

Please don't forsake me motherland. I heart U!!!!!!!!!!!