Saturday, August 29, 2009

Christian, Hawaii

Submitted by Paige* : "This is Christian, he lives in Hawaii, and he likes to spearfish LOL"

Have you ever been to one of those international cultures of the world shows where you are promised lots of delicious free samples but instead what you get is the most attractive representative each country could find doing something innoffensively "cultural" e.g. dancing a dance and handing out hard candy (India) or wearing a tasteful black scarf and then cutting off your hand if you try to take a free sample (Saudi Arabia)?

Well, this is Hawaii's pick for next year's show. He will be spear fishing out of a kiddie pool then handing out shell necklaces to all the pretty ladies of the world...if they promise to visit...BEAUTIFUL HAWAII...wink.

*Thanks a lot "Paige" or should I say "Hawaiian ministry of tourism"?Puh.


martta/taru/iiris said...

I love this blog soooo much. you´re hilarious. i don´t even have to do any sit-ups - i just read this blog and laugh my stomach tight.


Devashish Rao said...

how can I post some images here ??

cuteboysmakemenervous said...

you can submit images to

SEO services said...

Uhh...he's cute...for a 10 year old! Ew.

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Sorry I can't even think 'cute' here...unless you're talking about a child!