Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Luc, Le Pop-In

You know, I hate being a jerk. Nay. I love being a jerk, but more in the making fun of people as they are walking away way, not in a public forum like this. (Even though insulting someone over internet is like writing an insult in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean, but anyways.

It is hard to not fall into being a jerkstore, because my first reaction to almost all the pictures are to make fun of them in my head. Maybe it comes from years of training (at least 2yrs) looking at Facebook profiles in my underpants and yelling "puthetic!" at the computer screen, while eating fishsticks and smoking scavenged cigarettes my roomate has foolishly failed to smoke down to the bottom.

I am just going to say one mean thing about this guy though. He looks like he learned what a cool outfit looks like via a text-only document, and then proceeded to buy the absolute worst version of each thing listed. There I said it. But I like skinnies. And boy is he skinny!!!!!