Monday, August 17, 2009

Male Model Interview: Fred D.

You may remember Fred from from that amazing captioned photo editorial a few weeks ago. That actually was supposed to be an interview but then I didn't have a pen or paper or any questions prepared. So here is the interview that we did via facebook (I don't know why I even try to do things not via internet). It's strength, as per usual, lies in its ESLiness.

CBMMN: Hey Fred want to answer these interview questions?

Fred: Oui oui pas de soucis Mary ;) [not my name but whatever]

CBMMN: What companies have you modeled for?

Fred: I modeled for SNCF, Palais De Tokyo, M&M's, M'T Dents, O2, Shoes Up magazine, Amusement magazine, les magasins Courir, WWF, WAD, Ligue contre le cancer...

CBMMN: How does it feel to be a FAMOUS MALE MODEL?

Fred: Feel Gooooooood :)


Fred: Not really i'm too much kinda atypical for them ;) but if you wanna introduce some to me, that's sounds good haha

CBMMN: Remember when we did that so fun photo shoot?

Fred: Of course yeah, even my shoes when they turned grey remember this?

CBMMN: yes?
CBMMN: Anyways, that was fun right?

Fred: Obviously, and especially when people were looking at me like wtf

CBMMN: Ya they don't even know you.
CBMMN: Has anyone ever told you you look like someone [cause i think you look like Steve Urquelle which is when Steve Urkell drinks the magic potion and becomes hot and cool]*?

Fred: Every fuckin day lol till now I look like almost 50 different people apprently by the people. However I appreciate your compliment thanks. Keep in touch for something one day :)

CBMMN: Ya fun an thank you. As for you being too much atypical, I'm sure the teens of the world will disagree.

*This part Fred tried to erase when he replied. Nice try! That was my best joke!

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Anonymous said...

Yo, would this guy model for EFUT?

Mark said...

I believe you mean Stefan Urquelle. Duh!

Margot said...

Your blog is the best ever and I read your whole blog in only 2 days (so maybe I'm pathetic, whatev).
But I have to ask you: what is an ESL?

Christine! said...

It's english as a second language!!! the best kind of interview.

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Not my normal type but very cute!!

laser hair removal san francisco said...

Yummy, male models are cute and dangerous.

Air Purifiers said...

Sexy in that gray wifebeater!

roof hatches said...

Haha, great interview! I like cute boys who aren't too dumb.