Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wangstaz, San Diego via Los Angeles

Submitted by Anon: Took photos of these three friends from L.A. Mcoy (left), Mark (middle) and Ron (right) in San Diego. They seemed to be having a geat time, and stole a snapshot of the friends being plane (sic) crazy.

Did any of you guys accidentally see that terrible movie Gran Torino? When I watched it all I kept thinking was "yeah right, as if there is such thing as these scary asian gangs. way to take some half-assed stand against racism. lame" then I made chinky eyes with my friends and we laughed the night away.

The worst thing an american-asian has ever done to me is crowd me on the sidewalk for no reason. Or else counterfeit Canadian money in his dorm room bathtub. Or else run a massive pot-growing operation from his parents' suburban home with positive final outcomes for everybody. ;)

But if we ignore the wholesome happy smiles and the sassy pout the guy in the back is giving,...these L.A. asians look like real gangstaz! Maybe they really do exist! Like Tinkerbell or some drug that if you eat it you get skinny but still get to keep your teeth (sigh, if only)

Are all your asians like this L.A.? Is that why you are city of midwestern dreams?


50two said...

loving the frangipanis on that guy's sexay tank. ooooohh yieeeeeh ;)

k.mean said...

no foo, in LA we're pretty divers. we have the fobby asians, the alternatives, the gangstaz, the nerd, the thugs, the pretty boys, the b-boys, and so on.

Anonymous said...

in answer to your drug musings... dexedrine. but only if you don't mind buying it from snooty high school kids.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh. there are definitely many asian gangs in san francisco. read up a little bit chinatown in sf and you will find some pretty ruthless, brutal stuff.

and don't say "chinky" it's rude.