Monday, September 21, 2009

Jurgen, Paris via Munich via the past

Submitted by Jurgen, photo by Oliviero Toscani, 1979. Suit by Guy Dormeuil.

I had the honour of exhibiting with Jurgen Ostarhild this week, and he sent me in this picture to prove that he was once a cute boy himself. Thanks to all of you who flew in from your respective countries to see the show. As I was not there for most of it I will only assume that this is what you did. Also that you are invisible elves and that's why no one saw you as the gallery was slowly but surely inundated with crickets.

While we were setting up Jurgen fell from a ladder and hit his head on the wall. There were a few terrifying seconds where he lay motionless on the ground and we all thought that maybe he was dead or broken. But then, he rose again, like an eccentric silver-haired german phoenix from the ashes, that or Jesus.