Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So Fun Event for Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh this poor teen British boy. All he wanted to do was travel to Paris with his slightly post-pubescent girlfriend and pass himself off as a twenty-something hipster. Now look at him, he
is the unwitting poster boy for everything I have done, and ever will do.

On that note. I am part of a so fun event this Friday and Saturday in Paris. Although not many of you "live" in "paris" I will post it anyways to show what a Paris winner I am. Also maybe one day some French people learn English , decide to find out who is the top winner in Paris (maybe it is them? they will ask themselves), Google "Paris + Winner" then see that, oh no it is not they who hold that spot. It is I. I!

I am just going to post the text from the Facebook event now because I am also a winner of cut and paste:

Location:Door Studios, 9_9 bis Lediguieres, Paris, France
Time:12:00PM Friday, September 18th

As part of the Paris-wide beauty event, les Rives de la Beauté, Door Studios is opening its doors to a selection of exhibitions and workshops to examine the link between beauty and image.

-Photo projections by Jurgen Ostarhild and Marie Richer
-Exhibit of selected works by Jens Stuart
-Beauty workshop by Louise Wittlich


Jurgen Ostarhild

Jens Stuart

Louise Wittlich

Door Studios

Rives de la Beaute