Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eric, Arizona

Submitted by anonymous: "this boy is eric. eric makes me so nervous that every time i see him, i lie to myself and say that he doesn't remember me from the only time we ever talked at a (read: drunken) party. i do that because i have made up a persona so perfect about him that i refuse to break it by actually getting to know him. It's better that way."

Ya good call. That white guy fro could go either way. E.g. cool i like the modern rock and\or roll music on the one hand, "look at me it's zany eric with all the seinfeld quotes" on the other.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bobby from Bobby submitted via Bobby's email

So this is Bobby. At first you may think there is something weird going on with his face but I think it's just that the headband is unaturally furrowing his brow making him look like an angry pho-eating cartoon character who's evil power is to eat all your noodles and meat and only leave you the broth and the MSG. But if we ignore the furrowing, the headband, and the clothing, he's actually a good-looking young gentleman.

Also this picture is funny: "no credit cards, only cash" it's like the perfect metaphor for Bobby, I bet.