Monday, March 8, 2010

Paul, High School

Submitted by Zoe: "This is Paul. I went to high school with him and we were....just acquaintances. :( But I (and everyone else) admired from afar. Adorable and a HUGE nerd! Such a perfect combo."

My friend was telling me the other day about when she met Elizabeth Hurley. Apparently when you see her in real life her nose is grotesquely long and her cheekbones are so pronounced that they seem like ceiling fan buttons crookedly crazy glued to her face and that in real life she is basically a gargoyle. But she photographs gorgeous. That's how I feel about this guy a bit.


Ina said...

We want more, we want more. :D (it's kind a nice being a perv here and there :P)

Valeria said...

good to have you back! i miss you and your sarcasm ha! :D and yes, maybe he would kind of odd in" real life's" 3D haaa....

Little Miss said...

his eyes his eyes!

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Secretly Vivian said...

Indeed it is nice being a perve here and there :P

Margox said...

Yayyy! New updates! It had been so long that I had stopped checking.

More more more!

Anonymous said...

I almost lost all faith in your return! Im not sure whether the gargoyle is rly a fitting comparison, are you looking into the same eyes.

Los Angeles SEO said...

Oh, this one is young... hope he keeps his hair as he gets older.

Air Purifiers said...

Yea I see where you're coming from about the Elizabeth Hurley he probably looks better in pics thing, he is cute though. Looks like the guy from All American Rejects who I think is beyond cute! Dark curly hair and blue eyes are dangerous.

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