Friday, November 5, 2010

Dmitri, Sydney

Submitted by Rosie: "This is Dimitri. I can't like-like him because he was my little 12 year old friend when I was about 16. But he grew up pretty fine. He and his little group of buddies are all equally male-model esque and break lots of little indie girls hearts in my hometown. (I use the word 'little' too much.)"

Yup totallly good looking. But I have a philosophical question: do we hate this guy? Like...not hate but would this guy be nice to you even?

Ok wait i have a fully formed thought now: the problem with this guy is either he wouldn't love you enough or if he did love you enough it would break his whole image of being too good for you. He is like, some sort of Chinese finger trap that is made out of paper though so once it traps you you break it right away. (Think about it! it's a good metaphor! I just drunkexplained it)

Also the cigarette pose. please, friend. we all learned how to make our cheeks look skinny yeaaaars (1-5) ago.


Palace of Purification said...

So glad you're posting again! Keep the cute boys coming!

Anonymous said...

agreed. He looks like a tool. An attractive tool.

Christine D'Amato said...

Totes cute and Australian accents make me irrationally attracted to dudes. He wins.

Margox said...

Yay! I want MORE cute boys with funny stories/explanations/rants underneath!

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Unforgettable said...

Pleeeease please start posting again. pweety please?

entertainment king said...

wow...nice blog...i like it..

Alexa said...

"dmitri" - sexy name. cancels out potential toolishness. with a name like that, he can wear whatever annoying headgear he wants as far as im concerned. mmm.

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Dolly Daydream said...

He looks so cute, but a total heartbreaker!

Air Purifiers said...

Honestly, Dmitri looks kinda like a douchebag...but that's probably because he reminds me of another fedora-wearing thinks he's so hot (and facially they look kind of similar, too) douchebag that I know and greatly dislike. Guess he could just be posing to look like a douche, but I think it's more than that... I don't like the glint in his eye.

SEO Los Angeles said...

Dimitry is my brother's name... I must admit it is a cute name.

Therapist New York said...

Dmitri's good to look at, probably not good to hang with!

laser hair removal san francisco said...

I do not like Dmitri- bad boys = trouble!

access doors said...

I love me an Aussie boy!!

Sonia said...

Hai!looking so nice .dmitri ;sydney i like you from 4years .so would you like to be my boyfriend.i love you

ptc said...

This is amazing !