Friday, April 22, 2011

Sam, San Francisco

You know the greatest lesson I have learned from blogging? I learned to be so fucking glad that I turned down my journalism master's acceptance, cause if I had gone to journalism school you know what I would be doing? I would be a publicist writing press releases about dog collages to blogs that have been essentially defunct for two years.

But I guess you win middle-aged Ken because I'm asexual now and have grown my nails to be almost a foot long so it's hard to type. (My new thing is trying to get the Guinness world record for not length of nails, but rather, volume of accumulated dirt under nails). Anyways, the point is I have lost my will to make jokes so instead why don't all of you go see some dog collages here.

Is this what publicists do? Do they just wear you down? Do they just tell you about dog collages so much that you are like fine, dog collages are a thing now. Well played then publicist. Well played. But you know who history will remember? Me. The dirtingest nail haver this side of the milky way.